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" Must try the Dragon's Breath Hot Sauce.carolina reaper/trinidad scorpion/ghost pepper and the healthy stuff, honey, ginger, vinegar" - @RizzShow

Moon Vs The Carolina Reaper Pepper - 105.7 the Point

" Happy Customer 2018
" I came across Mr. B's salsa at SantaCaliGon in 2017 last year and me and my boyfriend immoderately loved it, we got the fierce and screamin and were so impressed with how spicy the screamin was yet kept such. Great all around flavor. It was then when we were at home scraping out our last jar that we decided we needed to try the even hotter stuff. So fast forward several months and we finally decided to order some offline and ordered every flavor between spicy and white lightening and omg it is amazing how spicy the salsas are but always remain to keep such a great and unique flavor. We also opted I'm for the dragons breath hot sauce which I must say is a hot sauce that is out of this word spicy while still keeping a great Smokey taste. All in all I am so happy with my purchase and will for sure continue to keep some Mr. B's Salsa around the house. Also will for sure be recommending to friends and family. Mr and Mrs B are truly great people with a truly great product. 5 out of 5 every day.  "
- Maggie G. Happy Customer
Best Farmers Market Vendor 2015

The cheerful little jars of Mr. B’s Salsa can pack a serious punch (along with extra-mild, mild and medium, the salsa also comes in hot, extra-hot, super-hot and wowsa), but they are also heavy hitters when it comes to flavor. Don’t forget the glazes, pickles, vinegar and hot sauces. DN
...the flavor is insane, you’ll love it...
— Fiber Joe,

Fiber Joe of reviews Mr. B's Ghost Cherry Gold Glaze.

Matt Burns of Reviews Mr B's Ghost Cherry Gold Sweet & Spicy Super Hot Pepper Glaze

The flavor - unrivaled...five flaming hearts on the flavor scale...
— Matt Burns,

It’s quite tasty, I would highly recommend this.
— Xero,
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